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Verb- To take shirt up in any situation and no matter how inapproapriate to show off your abs.

Noun- To be completely uninteresting and overlooked until you start singing about cheating on someone.
Judge - How do you plead?
Usher - Not guilty!(pulling up shirt to show abs).

Noun: No one cared about Usher or his music til he cheated on Chili of TLC.
by whitemale_98 January 01, 2005

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A-Rod is a mathematical equation with an improbable answer.

Zero big postseason hits + zero winning seasons in Texas + one improved record by Texas when he left + zero American League championships + zero World Series trophies = 25 million dollars.
A-Rod just earned more money while you were reading this sentence than you're going to make all year.
by whitemale_98 January 03, 2005

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Cover your ass - a way of saying "I'm going to do just enough CYA so that when something goes wrong I can blame someone else down the line" Another example of society going into a slow death spiral.
Boss: Why didn't you put the fire out before it burned down the building!

Jones: I didn't know the room I was in was on fire because I was doing something important on the internet, Johnson didn't check the smoke detector batteries.

Boss: Way to CYA Jones!
by whitemale_98 December 26, 2005

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Some people have all their talent between their ears, and some have it hanging between their belly button and their shoulders. Pam Anderson is squarely in the second group.
Pam Anderson excels at being honest about what pays the bills, her Pammies.
by whitemale_98 January 06, 2005

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Someone who contributes something great to the arts...and never does anything ever again.
Those kids on the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill CD are probably in high school now.
by whitemale_98 January 06, 2005

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The ability to earn approximately 100 million dollars over 10 years for slightly less than one touchdown pass per week and slightly more than one spectacular run every week.

Alternate definition: The ability to have the man in charge(e.g.,Arthur Blank, Falcons owner)so infatuated with you he develops a schoolboy crush and gives you said 100 million dollars.
Bill doesn't know how to do his job, but he makes the CEO laugh, so he "Vicked" that promotion.
by whitemale_98 December 30, 2004

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Verb - To perform a Randy Johnson is to put your faith(and thirty million dollars over 2 years) into a 40+ year old pitcher with a history of back and knee problems. This act is usually performed by the Yankees, see A-Rod.
You just gave who a 2 year extension? You just pulled a Randy Johnson!
by whitemale_98 January 06, 2005

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