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Stolen. Taken by force. Ran.
Yo, shorty got her chain vicked by some Spichagney sunn!
by ready2ruck March 10, 2003
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To be up by a lot on your fantasy football opponent going into a Monday night football game, only to lose because one player scores a ridiculous amount of points. From Michael Vick scoring 49 fantasy points against the Washington Redskins on Monday night.
I can't believe I lost my fantasy match up because I got Vicked by Adrian Peterson.
by DHPHD December 05, 2010
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Vick or Vicked (victemized): Used to describe when someone is about to get robbed or got robbed.
About to: "Yo son this cat from up the block is about to get vicked for his uptowns"

Got robbed: "I got my jacket vicked last night"
by Yampo November 22, 2006
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verb, intransitive: To be mentally, physically or emotionally screwed or fucked over by somebody. From Michael Vick's love of torturing and killing helpless animals.
"Man, did I ever get Vicked by my boss. He fired me the week before Christmas and laughed about it."

"I was so Vicked last night! I was mugged and robbed in downtown norfolk and then pistol whipped and left laying there on the sidewalk."

"I got royally Vicked by my wife; she brought her boyfriend to our house, they tied me to a chair and forced me to watch them having sex in my own bed. Then they emptied my bank account and drove off in my car."
by zobva January 22, 2010
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when a celebrity does something retarded and gets caught and there is public outrage which fucks them over even more
Man I've been totally Vicked from birth! I'm black!
by Mike234234234 August 23, 2007
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this means someone has been REPLACED, or lost there chance. Someone else is now in the picture.
Yo you still talk to Ashley? Nah man, shorty got "Vicked.
by bmoney9 November 17, 2010
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