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Is very well claimed to be the best Super Smash Bros and Melee player known. Uses Pikachu.

If you see him in action, it really is qquite astonishing how badly the other guy get's beat into the ground.

Real name is Isai.
"LOL i r t3h best SSb playa EVA!!!a all u n00bz suck ass now Bow Down to me!"

"Malva will kick your ass."
by wasp2020 December 23, 2004
Used as an expression when someone says outdated information.

A mix of Jesus and Dinosaur, of course. Both are also used for the same means.
"Hey everybody I found a funny flash it's called 'All Your Base Are BElong To Us'"!

"OMG it's like I'm walking with the Jesusaurus!!!1"
by wasp2020 December 23, 2004
A message board made/opened up on April 1st 2004 on the website GameFAQs. It has gotten and still has a large quantity of traffic and fluorishes today.

Was a very big myth before, and generally was just a joke to talk about it. Many invision boards and the such include a "Toaster Oven" board for social topics. So the popularity it already had before helped in it's activity.

When referred to as a LUE copycat, everybody there gets annoyed, because the board is really unique and how it manages itself. It's a very good social board to hang out at.
"Hey everyone! I've found the Toaster Oven board!!!"

"Liar. "marks""
by wasp2020 December 23, 2004
A valid synonym for "masturbation", usually used to bypass moderative systems.

It can also be used as a replacement for *fap*.
Yeah, so I had a distinctively heated argument last night. The opponent was very competitive, and we debated for a good hour or so, but I eventually won the argument by bringing up respectable views and opinions on the matter at hand.


"Oh, man, that's some good porn. *has a distinctively heated argument with one's self*"
by wasp2020 May 24, 2005
Love Hina is a 14 Volume manga about a 20 year old ronin (test retaker) Keitaro. When he was a little kid, 14 years, he and an unknown girl promised to go to Tokyo University together. Motivated still by that promise, he tried to get into the school but failed twice already. He got kicked out of his home, and has no money left. He is also unattractive and never had any girlfriend in his life. A loser, really. But out of the blue, his elder tells him to be the manager at Hinata Inn, only when he goes there, it is an all-girl dormitory...while they're in the Hot Springs.

There's several girls living there, including the sly Mitsune, the kendo girl Motoko, and Naru. The main story focuses on Naru and Keitaru, and feelings that forms between them over time, and Keitaru wondering if Naru really is that girl from the past.

There's too much good to say about it, you need to read it. I highly reccommend it to anyone.

You better be sure your parents are not in the same room when you are reading this, it could get pretty...mature at times. It never goes too far, and it's always for humour, but just to be safe...
Don't bother watching the anime, it's a sub-par adaptation. It's good on it's own, I guess, but certainly not in correlation with the manga.

"Pervert!" - Naru
by wasp2020 December 23, 2004
The verbal representation on a long, obnoxious, low-toned jeer. Usually directed towards a specific individual, in can be used in a variety of ways, such as a greeting of a fellow individual (whom he would reply with the same jeer), taunting a disrespected other, or in response to a positive, enjoyable, or amusing event or situation.
"Ha! Look at that guy, he's getting beat up!"
*others join in*
by wasp2020 May 17, 2005
A temporary mascot of the GameSpot board "Life, The Universe, and Everything", which is a user-made board. It is an exact replica of LUEshi.
"Well, since we can't find anything else at the moment, let's use LUEshi!"

"LOl liek SPOTshi you mean!"

by wasp2020 December 23, 2004