A musical sound that has characteristics used in blue grass or country music. The term is commonly used by guitarists to identify tone quality (timbre) that is more similar to a banjo than a guitar.
Your guitar sounds twangy.
by Professor Drum Freak October 9, 2015
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Adjective. Used as a pejorative to describe a place or thing (as well as infrequently used to describe a person or persons) as being overtly white trash/hillbilly/redneck/Appalachian. It also thereby implies these places have qualities that are ascribed to the aforementioned adjectives, such as racist/white supremacist, incestuous, impoverished, poorly educated, politically right-wing, and fundamentalist Christian. It is a secondary adjective for the respective word which is ordinarily used to describe a particular sound attributed to music such as bluegrass, specifically referencing the desired sound of the string instruments such as a banjo.
When we went down south for Aunt Ellie May's funeral, I decided the place was too twangy for me to bring my boyfriend or be seen as an interracial gay couple, so I told him not to come and put on my best jeans, shirt and camo hat.
by Lycoriscyl November 5, 2021
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The sharp, bitter, tart, and acidic taste of a yeast infected or poorly maintained vagina. Most similarly resembling the flavor of spoiled orange juice containing pulp combined with aged saurkraut and extra sharp cheddar cheese.
Damn girl your pussy is twangy, go pressure wash it and take your damn antibiotics.
by West$ideR May 9, 2019
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A person who is twangie but her name is so you give her a nickname that rhymes with her real name because she is you’re good friend 💙
Angie twangie time to wake upppp , angieeeeee twangieeeeee 🙂
by Nygel n chuck August 20, 2020
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To make something twangy or more interesting.
Im gona make this picture of Dan more... twangy-a-fied
by jijijijiji June 1, 2006
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A boner that doesn't sound like it should. Usually your boner sounds like theres a loose gland.
Bob: I was bangin' my wife last night and when I smacked my boner off her face it didn't sound like it used to when I was 12.
Phil: Dude, you have a Twangy Boner.
by definition thrower November 24, 2009
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