A very pretty girls name, really thick and gorgeous! Malva’s usually are attractive and easily get new friends.
Malva are sooo thick bro

Cool friends Malva are they new?
by Mega sexy bro June 7, 2020
A Lovely girl, who is beautiful, her looks and personality charm all the guys and she has many friends and always in the centre of the group, she is honest and you can always trust her.
by Aaron215 December 11, 2016
Malva is a girl that shines brighter than the sun. Malva has an incredible number of lovers and prefers to be called Milva by her lovers.
"Tom, did you see Malva over there?"
"Yea, that's Milva."
by thehottestofthemalllalala12345 January 16, 2017
Malva is someone really beautiful, inside and out.
She's known for her outstandning intelligence, her beautiful soul, and her sexy looks.

Malva will seduce you. She's the type of girl that you fall in love with immediately, and if she happens to love you back, you're a lucky guy.
Malva, I love you.
by greenmustard December 11, 2016
Is very well claimed to be the best Super Smash Bros and Melee player known. Uses Pikachu.

If you see him in action, it really is qquite astonishing how badly the other guy get's beat into the ground.

Real name is Isai.
"LOL i r t3h best SSb playa EVA!!!a all u n00bz suck ass now Bow Down to me!"

"Malva will kick your ass."
by wasp2020 December 23, 2004
the pengest latina you’ll eva meet trussss fucking hell
ay did you see malva damnnn
by wassuppp October 17, 2019
Malva THE squid is an important thing for the world, she has been on the field of daisies
-Have u seen malva?
-Yes I saw her smelling the daisies this morning
by Mc.fishi le squidi April 29, 2018