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1. A common Chinese name
2. Penis
Wang has a small wang.
by wang October 24, 2004

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Creator and admin of the place that doesn't exist. Due to his popularity and authority over there, he tends to get lots of suck-ups (see: the other definition)
Damn it LlamaGuy, even when 90% of the people were against it you STILL turned it into PUBLIClinks.
by Wang September 11, 2004

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used to describe a place really far away
Yeah, thats all the way out in West Bumblefuch
by Wang May 26, 2002

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The best suburb on the outskirts of San Antonio. The first and true h-town. Known for its population of cows and white people.
Wow, you are so lucky to live in Helotes. It is right at the edge of the best city in Texas, San Antonio.
by Wang March 23, 2005

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An elite member in a group of specialist at MRHS, each being masters at their craft.
Yo yuch is such a jeevio, he got a 6 on his ap stats exam is that even possible?
by Wang May 12, 2004

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The act of connecting one computer to another through dialing up one modem to another.
I modem sexed your mom last night and we exchanged several gigs of binary code all night long.
by wang March 19, 2003

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From the classic Mike Hammer film noir Kiss Me Deadly, it refers to a nebulous but potentially devastating threat that consumes a private detective or an entire nation. Much of its terror comes by way of implication. Examples include the communists of the 1950s, the One Ring and Weapons of Mass Destruction.
"Why is there no apostrophe in the great whatsit," the student asked.
"Don't ask stupid questions," the professor replied. "Its existence is simply a fact."
by Wang April 25, 2005

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