The coolest guy at the party because he’s got all of the cocaine. He usually makes bad decisions in the name of partying.
Hey everyone, Party Boy just got here, looks like everyone’s going skiing tonight!
by Butt Doodle November 20, 2019
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The Act of Party Boying

Is The Act Of Surrounding The Targeted Person

And Thrusting And Waving Arms Around In A Way Were The Targeted Person Is Scared Into Running Away.

Usually Performed On The Dance Floor
What a B****, Dude Lets Party Boy Her.
by James Dunshea August 24, 2006
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A Man who likes to party a lot.
"Hi i'm here in Japan and i feel like partying."
by Vicky November 24, 2003
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Someone who likes to party and knows how to do it, good... someone like Michael Lee.
The new Party Boy: Michael "Sheriff" Lee
by Adam Bonaventura December 13, 2008
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a guy who frequently engages in the club and drug scene (i.e., nightclubs and narcotics)
Michael Alig was a notorious Party Boy before he was sent to prison in the 1990's.
by JMo5 January 27, 2007
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To take your clothers off, whack your undies up your crack and start strip dancing
by BEAZO August 20, 2003
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1)Jeff C aka PHS PARTY BOY
2)To strip your clothes off leaving nothing but a SILVER Party-Boy Thong and a bow tie...and then to dance and grind homosexually(most of the time)with a random person....
2)O shit look at that kid bust a nut on that fat kid doing the party boy
by Jeff Campbell December 2, 2003
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