"beggar" typed by a person too stupid to spell it correctly.
I told that fool to get a spell check add-on for Firefox but he wouldn't google it. He kept asking me for it over and over, "plz, plz d00d." Damn I hate beggers!
by Scithe March 29, 2010
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Someone who never stops annoyin a person n tries 2 beg 2 be a friend or for attention n ting ugetme! Basically its worse den a bugaboo
(Mobile convo)
Man dem: Err why u keep callin me 4?
Begger: Dunno but neway wat u up2
Man dem: U asked me dat be4 man!
Begger: Seeeeen
(Man dem hangs up on d begger)
by Baby S January 22, 2005
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a fucking loser who is dumb as fuck and can’t find a job if ur homeless suck a dick fag
begged sucks a begger cock
by richard hardcock October 13, 2019
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Well, its the wrong word, for the English spelling of Beggars -tags contributed by dictionary.com
The previous 25 posters are begging to be called idiots for defining beggers the same as beggar.
by Aquos June 05, 2007
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One who asks a friend to wave their fart over to themselves.
Josh was a fart begger asking to smell Jordan's stinky farts
by Josh and Jordan September 14, 2006
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Someone who begs for money on YouTube who doesn't really need.
YouTuber named ReviewTechUSA is a fat shamelss e-begger
by The RTU Critic April 25, 2016
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