where hip came from, originated around the 50's and 60's
SKA kids use it
by kayla. July 5, 2005
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A word used in southern california mid 60's early 70's a word/expression meaning of: In full and total agreement of:,to go along with,To:Agree,Concur.
dude#1:Oh man! that car looks like a piece of S#!T! dude#2:I'm hep!(2) dude#1:hey man,I'm thinking about going down to mickey dee's for a quarter pounder you hep?dude#2:I'm hep to it(3)dude#1:Wow!that looks so cool the way everything is arranged dude#2:I'm hep to that!.
by mikel t August 26, 2006
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old timey black-american slang meaning hip, cool. used alot by cab calloway as in "are you hep to the jive?". i have that CD, by the way.
by dagger_grrl November 2, 2003
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someone who knows the score. someone who understands 'jive talk'. someone who is 'with it'. the expression is not subject to definition because, if you don't 'dig' what it means, no one can ever tell you.
he was hep to the New York junk scene, so he could score for it easily.
by pleased to meet you April 10, 2006
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The word that birthed the term "hip". Largely used by black Rude Boys and hipsters in Jamaica and the United Kingdom in the late 50's and early 60's, and is sometimes associated with ska.
by ModSoulBrother September 4, 2006
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this word once meant what "hip" came to mean, and what "phat" or "tha bomb" means today
by David October 31, 2003
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Asking for a loan: "I come to see iffin you could hep me wit a piece of money."

At a funeral after shouting at the corpse, fake fainting and lots of fanning, singing, dancing and generally enjoying oneself: "Hep me, Jesus! Hep me!"
by Agnes Henderson March 22, 2007
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