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A lady that your friend or acquaintance has hooked up with and you hook up with it afterwards
Ah man, you definately don't want any of that diseased dudes tablescraps!!!!
by Whiskey Dick July 30, 2003
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A female that thinks she is a snack , but in reality she's been passed around too much to where she is wore out. Her vagina probably smells like burnt rubber. Use extreme caution.
That hoe thought she was a whole snack, turns out she just a whole lot of table scraps.
by Capt. Maddy Daddy July 24, 2019
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Table scraps (abrv. – scraps)
Residue of any bodily fluids, sexual or vital, found remaining on the table after a table time incedent.

In some social groups it is considered an honour to be allowed to dine upon the table scraps. In others it is frowned upon and a damp cloth used to erase any staining.

It is for this reason that most table time incidents now take place over wipe clean surfaces.
"Damn, girl – that's some scraps you gwan left behind"


"Go clean yo'sef up while I get workin on these scraps"
by Ponkster April 07, 2004
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When a begger needs food and results to eating table scraps.
Rich guy:im hungry lets grab a burger.
Poor Begger:no thanks its to much i'll take some table scraps though.
by Wang November 05, 2003
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