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only little bitches that get raped call the pr0 p1pe the n00b tube
by volound March 15, 2010
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Modern Warfare 2, probably the most anticipated game of all time and soon to be the highest-selling. The sequel to Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare.
itz aldo v1: we are sooo gonna pwn at MW2 multiplayer
conor147: well my cod 5 ratio is like 13....obviously.
by volound September 30, 2009
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a euphemism used by beggars that refers to "legal tender" in small or otherwise large quantities.
beggar: "got any spare change, my man?"
me: "no"
by volound July 31, 2012
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a way of saying you dont care about someone elses current situation or what they are trying to do because you have shit of your own to take care of.
friend: omg ive got all this homework to do for uni and not enough time.
me : blue flower red thorns
by volound January 3, 2010
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the new "epic fail"

a relatively new internet meme that is quickly gaining popularity.

a gesture used to empathise the hopelessness of someone else after they do or say something extremely retarded.
junaid: i want you to say sorry to my gf for calling her a bitch.
david: how did she find out i called her a bitch wtf????
junaid: i told her.
everyone: *FACEPALM*
by volound December 11, 2009
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the act of un-fucktarding ones self
if i wanted to unfucktard myself i would take myself down to school and learn how adam and eve is a load of BULLSHIT.
by volound September 21, 2010
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the REAL name of the m203. only faggots and pussies that get raped call it the noob tube. only REAL MEN can use the pr0 pipe and rape with it.
search youtube for 100 kills 5 deaths with the pro pipe
by volound March 15, 2010
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