Any grenade launcher attachment used in Call of Duty 4 Modernwarfare, employed by n00bs of the highest caliber.
That n00b wont stop with the fucking Noob tube!!!!
by Z0mb13 January 16, 2008
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The M203 rifle mounted grenade launcher used by newcomers to the videogame Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, specifically its online multiplayer. while requiring no skill or effort, this weapon also barely hurts the user while completely obliterating any who get in its path. This is seen as a cheap weapon only acceptable for use by the worst of players at this particular game.
"Wow he is like a level fifty five and he still uses that cheap-ass noob tube!"
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also spelled as n00b Tube

Term widely used in the online gaming community for any kind of Rocket launcher, Most commonly used by gamers who beleave the weapon is very effect in many situations, Some also call the person using the weapon, Cheap, or Lame, or what have you
Damn, My ass just got blown up by that cheap ass noob tube
by Mike Schwartz December 30, 2004
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A common name for any Grenade laucher attachment that can be used by Assault class infantry in Battlefield 2. an effective weapon used at long range, is often used at close range as unintended by EA/DICE, and is nerfed in v1.2 patch
omfg 5th time this round that bunny hopping idiot with the noob tube got me!!?
by ApocD January 22, 2006
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Using the grenade launcher attachment when playing Call of Duty four online.
All that guy does is use his noob tube.

I like to use the noob toob with my AK-47.
by pwnstar182 April 12, 2008
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Caomplainer: Oh my god I can't handle how real this GAME is I keep getting killed by a person with a grenade launcher.

Me: Well in war we'll just make sure you don't fall victim to any unfair tactics. Would you like your binky now?

(I do not use the "Noob Tube" I'm just tired of hearing people complain about it. I also hate the term noob it's retarded)
by B Vegas April 21, 2008
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