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The coolest guy ever. Someone who has an immaculate haircut and an incredible sense of fashion (often used to describe models and singers from boybands). Junaid can also be used to refer to someone who resembles Lionel Messi when playing soccer
"Man I just listened to Zayn Malik, he's such a Junaid"

"Did you see Jack at the park, he pulled of a real Junaid moment during the match"

"I'm really pretty, do you think I have the Junaid it takes to become a model?"
by big m gozza October 28, 2013
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literal meaning : small army
(bearing the strength of an small army)
look..there's Junaid and Ali coming.
by jay89 February 10, 2009
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The type of boy who kinda gives mixed signals and confuses you but has a banging personality.(even though he's rude and mean). Proper low key booky character still.
by Jjj_678 January 11, 2017
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Junaid 😂 goes by junad if hes feeling like a bad bitch. Thinks hes bloody Einstien with the confidence he has in his intelligence. Should've been born a girl because his bitching game is A1.
Why does JUNAID think he knows it all ?
by Papaokaoaiaysyxdd March 06, 2020
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