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Sheepification: A term used by the largest governing bodies, that is; banks, multinational corporations,hedonistic wealth gluttons such as the Rothchild and Bush families. These companies immense reach into the minds of the public is hardly understood by the sheepified public who happily read their politicized and misleading textbooks in school, watch the plethora of mind numbing sport and animated programs on TV that help to groom them as consumers and willing slaves to desire for material goods.
Even Cancer, oil prices, and global starvation are part of the multinational game plan. The movie "The Matrix" was part entertainment, part clever warning about how sheepified the public has become.
Nancy was so sheepified she did not realize that the ads on TV that inspired her to run five miles every day were also part of the same media that was causing her as yet undiscovered cancer. She drank from PVC water bottles, used pvc sandwich wrap, drank chemically laced groundwater long ago polluted by big business, used a nutrient destroying microwave, ate meat and vegetables laced with steroids, hormones and antibiotics, slept on a foam mattress that released cancer causing fungicides and miticides into the air she breathed every night. Nancy did not know she was the perfect slave, the perfect consumer, her sheepification was complete...the whole idea of her protecting her health was a concept that led the richest of the rich to laugh all the way to the bank. Soon her cancer would provide them with the rest of her life's earnings, and even her death would be cause for profit.
by Vinter April 24, 2008
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Squifter; Very rare in america today. A squifter is a very small high-pitched, but long and squeaky, fart than only girls with small bodies and tight tight asses can emit. In today's large assed booty fascinated culture, most women are too heavy by the age of twelve, to be able to produce a quality squifter. Heaver woman are capable of emitting "hissers, gulliens, and rastallions...but not squifters.
I could not believe Marie, she was so small and pretty, her perfectly formed ass would have fit into a baby's booster seat! As she sat beside me and chatted with the couple accross from us I suddenly heard a long high pitched squeak, just like a mouse in destress! I was so excited...an actual squifter! My mother told me "If a girl can produce a squifter, she will always be pretty and nice...you marry a girl who can squif son!
by Vinter April 30, 2008
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cuntwatulated: A generic term referring to vaginal ageing. The female genital area usually warms to it's purpose in the teen years as it officially becomes "pussy", in the late teens to mid twenties it is often referred to as a "puss", "quim" etc. From the early thirties on, words such as "bearded clam", "gash" and "twat" come into play. From the late forties into the mid fifties, often around the time of menopause, the female gential region goes through the change known as "cuntwatulation, and hence, becomes "cuntwatulated"
Mary was growing older, her desire for sex had dwindled since she had become cuntwatulated in her early fifties, but she still felt the need for sex every now and then. Fortunately this could be quickly forgotten by eating a pound of ice cream.
by Vinter April 22, 2008
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Corporication, a combination of corporation and fornication, embodies the principle of being screwed by the corporations. Formed after the rise and fall of the Roman empire true..see history of corporations the concept of a corporation was that the incorporated company had all the rights of an individual, yet (surprisingly) none of the ACCOUNTABILITY! This is how the corporations can ruin the ground water, dam up all the rivers,destroy the climate, poison our food with chemicals, and wreck the forests of the world. Corporification has resulted in the human species being at serious risk for extinction. The founding principle of the ability of corporations to do this, is the belief that people (you) are sheepified and will not respond, like a frog in a beaker of water being slowly heated over a stove, you will sit, happy as long as you have your beer and pizza, and not bother worrying about the destruction of the world about you. Welcome to coporification!
Corporication. Long after the Alberta tar sands had been mined of their oil, long after the forests had been denuded and clearcut, the starving nation of Canada still did not understand the horrific corporication their country had received. far away, in warmer climes, the very rich sipped their fancy drinks in their villas on the beach and congratulated themselves on a job well done.
Meanwhile, forever altered, Canadians succumbed to the erratic climate, droughts and fierce winters. Starvation and disease from polluted water ran amok, Canada was declared unfit for human habitation in the year 2045
by Vinter April 28, 2008
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'Terrorismism", word similarity to euphamism, refers to the current political use of the word terrorism to instill fear in the minds of North American and global citizens. As corporate enterprises seek to screw citizens all over the world out of their resources and remove rights and freedoms in collusion with corrupt governments, we see the word "terrorist" applied to ordinary activities....i.e. a man growing a chicken an act defying corporate food production and sale will be called an "eco terrorist". Simple vandalism is referred to as "domestic terrorism". Terrorism-isms abound as politicians and corporations alike strive to brainwash the public, instill fear and remove rights. Ironically, the real terrorists are governments.
After years of enduring sour gas emissions at the hand of corporate big-oil, John Brown finally lost his cool after all his cattle were killed, hiw well poisoned and his daughter's school shut down due to contaminated water. John drove his tractor into X-Oils yard in protest and was arrested under a domestic terrorism charge, another terrorismism. Local politicians and X-Oil used public fear tp purchase the remaining farm land in the area for a fraction of its value.
by vinter January 17, 2010
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A condition that happens to small children once famly and guests begin to arrive for the Christmas holidays. Affected children seem to suddenly change from doe-eyed angels to fanged fire-breathing monsters running around screaming and terrorizing adults several times their size. Adults often take the wrong measures to cure this affliction, offering consolation, or saying "please quiet down darling" etc. The easiest way to quickly cure the child is to lower the child's pants, exposing the bare flesh of the buttocks, then using a large wooden spoon, administer several sharp blows to the exposed area. A sharp "crack" followed by a scream and a promise of "I'll be good, I'll be good" indicates the child is cured. Be warned, sometimes a second or third application may be required to jog the childs memory of his/her promise to be "good"
Soon after grandma arrived, little Billy began running around the house and throwing lego at the guests. As Billy's behaviour worsened, it bacame obvious that Billy had become severely bratified. Grandpa reacted by scooping Billy up as he came running around a corner. He quickly readjusted Billy's attitude with a stinging slap to the rump.
by vinter December 29, 2009
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Snagglefuck: A word used to describe sex gone terribly wrong. Snagglefuck can be used to describe instances where sex has embarrassed the participants, or hurt them in some way. It can also be used to describe intended sex that never happened, and lastly can describe painful sex or sexual irritation.
"That was the worst snagglefuck I ever had, there we were, behind the bleachers, I had Susie's dress up around her neck and I was hammering her puss for all I was worth...how was I to know they had a camera back there? How was I to know it was connected to the main display units, and audio too....all the crowd saw was my butt pumping away with Susie's legs over my shoulders crying "fuck me you wimp, fuck me like a man!"
by vinter May 16, 2008
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