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'Terrorismism", word similarity to euphamism, refers to the current political use of the word terrorism to instill fear in the minds of North American and global citizens. As corporate enterprises seek to screw citizens all over the world out of their resources and remove rights and freedoms in collusion with corrupt governments, we see the word "terrorist" applied to ordinary activities....i.e. a man growing a chicken an act defying corporate food production and sale will be called an "eco terrorist". Simple vandalism is referred to as "domestic terrorism". Terrorism-isms abound as politicians and corporations alike strive to brainwash the public, instill fear and remove rights. Ironically, the real terrorists are governments.
After years of enduring sour gas emissions at the hand of corporate big-oil, John Brown finally lost his cool after all his cattle were killed, hiw well poisoned and his daughter's school shut down due to contaminated water. John drove his tractor into X-Oils yard in protest and was arrested under a domestic terrorism charge, another terrorismism. Local politicians and X-Oil used public fear tp purchase the remaining farm land in the area for a fraction of its value.
by vinter January 17, 2010
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