Usually at the end of a strip show.

The dancer squats down at the edge of a stage and the patrons pay a small fee (usually 4 bits) to get to lick her snatch.
"I'm going down to 612 Warf Avenue in hopes of finding the ol' Lunch Counter."
by Lord Jezo February 03, 2005
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n. Launched by The Trinerz Foundation in 2007 to combat the profligacy of students. It was inspired by the scrap counter at Reed College. Food that would otherwise be thrown away is "recycled" by other students, students will place unwanted food at a designated area for others to eat. Despite many complaints of it being "unsanitary" it remains and is growing into a lunch revolution.

The Revolution Lunch is commonly referred to as TRL.
Esteban: "I don't want to waste this salad, do you want it?"
Scott: "No, go put it at The Revolutionary Lunch Counter."
Esteban: "okay, lets watch kids in a sandbox again."
Scott: "Yeah!"

(Five minutes later a gutter punk had lunch.)
by crack-o meth February 06, 2007
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