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Sheepification: A term used by the largest governing bodies, that is; banks, multinational corporations,hedonistic wealth gluttons such as the Rothchild and Bush families. These companies immense reach into the minds of the public is hardly understood by the sheepified public who happily read their politicized and misleading textbooks in school, watch the plethora of mind numbing sport and animated programs on TV that help to groom them as consumers and willing slaves to desire for material goods.
Even Cancer, oil prices, and global starvation are part of the multinational game plan. The movie "The Matrix" was part entertainment, part clever warning about how sheepified the public has become.
Nancy was so sheepified she did not realize that the ads on TV that inspired her to run five miles every day were also part of the same media that was causing her as yet undiscovered cancer. She drank from PVC water bottles, used pvc sandwich wrap, drank chemically laced groundwater long ago polluted by big business, used a nutrient destroying microwave, ate meat and vegetables laced with steroids, hormones and antibiotics, slept on a foam mattress that released cancer causing fungicides and miticides into the air she breathed every night. Nancy did not know she was the perfect slave, the perfect consumer, her sheepification was complete...the whole idea of her protecting her health was a concept that led the richest of the rich to laugh all the way to the bank. Soon her cancer would provide them with the rest of her life's earnings, and even her death would be cause for profit.
by Vinter April 24, 2008
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