muliti-sport event for handicap people.
Jason has a broken knee and was forced to participate in a Special Olympics games.
by Travis F June 15, 2008
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special olympics
by Super Handicaped Man June 6, 2019
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A beer pong formation in which a 3-2 formation (high-side either side) is formed. It is called special Olympics because it looks like the olympic rings turned sideways.
After we sink one more cup, we'll get a special olympics rerack.
by kontizle June 6, 2011
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A Sporting Event For Kids With Disabilties (Autism, Down Syndrome, Celebral Palsey

, ADHD) Watching The Special Olympics Will Be Like Watching A Circus Performance
Speaking Of Retards How Come Marci Never Joined The Special Olympics

Are You Crazy Watching The Special Olympics Is Like Going To The Circus 50 Years Ago
by AndyBoyz March 12, 2019
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an insult; one who can only hope of being in the special olympics.
Matt's another special olympics hopeful.
by Peter April 16, 2004
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Often Facebook users are reported by other users. From time to time the Nazi's who run the show decide that the reported user has crossed the line and send the Facebook account into 'Special Olympics Mode'. That is, it has become disabled.
Emelda- "Hey Ivan, have you heard from
Ricky lately?"

Ivan- "No, I think her account is in
special olympics mode"
by Ivan K. March 9, 2009
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