11 definitions by veronica

The shirt that Homestar Runner was wearing in Strong Bad's 100th email cartoon when they went to a flashback of how the two first met.
"Who's the kid in the Ducky Shirt?" -The Young Prince of Town
by veronica January 6, 2005
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Someone who loves to roll bars 24/7
"This nigga is a pookiehead. He can't even stand str8"
by veronica September 24, 2004
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2.) to flip out; change personality(dr jeckyl and mr hyde)
3.)salty when you dont get your way
mosezettish:Hey baby how you doin?can i borrow $20?
you:sorry i aint got it right now
mosezettish:well then FUCK you i didnt want nothin from your bitch ass anyway
by veronica May 5, 2003
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a gathering of sorts involving members of the coolest DECA chapter ever, in which there ar usually numerous references to sexual intercourse and/or pornography. Actually has not a lot to do with the study of marketing, but it's fun as hell.
"Hey, that DECA Party last night was awesome."
"Who's clothes am I wearing? Must've been the DECA Party."
by veronica March 31, 2004
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a New Guinea word meaning
"a truth everybody knows but nobody speaks"
She stopped typing and looked up from the keyboard.
What was it he said about "it ain't ever easy playin' the devil's advocate"?
Doesen't matter.
Because after everything that's happened over the last two years and how everything has turned out...she couldn't shake the feeling that there's a rightness in all of this that she could not describe.
There it is and there it was.
But yet, there's an underlying
'something'...like we are all involved in a mokita.
And sometimes she's still in awe of it all.
by veronica September 29, 2004
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A poor looking tasteless no class tacky person.

Word is commonly used among Mexicans.
Loria looks like a naca wearing here frizzy bangs, crusty long acrylic toe nails, "Just" Jeans,and her fake ass Coach bag.

"Don't be a naco dude, please don't put bull horns and a horse saddle on your 1981 beat up low rider truck"
by veronica July 30, 2003
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when someone smells like shit you call them a melave
"damn that girl smell like melave"
by veronica January 24, 2005
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