As applied to a guy, refers to a man in denial about the fact that however much he likes pussy and the female form in general, he also likes a heapin' helping of the man meat from time to time. However, he will swear up and down that he is absolutely not bi in any way, shape or form, even as he goes to suck your dick with the finesse of a $1000/hour call girl. Poor bastard.
Seen on craigslist: I'm str8. You know what that means, right? Means I only sleep with other str8 guys.
by Lady Csyde September 2, 2006
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1)being on good terms with another person.
1)I thought you and your ex were str8 with each other.
2)You should meet my best friend, he's mad str8.
by Samy Ish June 10, 2006
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another word to explain that you good,okay, or your not interrested
1) Isn't she fine? (turns head walks away and says str8)
2)Do you want some ..str8
3)You str8? yea you str8
by Dat MixedChick April 2, 2010
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Just a really str8 word to express the str8ness of something

Antonym: Unstr8
"Yo Tom, how dank was that weed?"
"It was sooo str8ly dank. Then take the 8 from str8 and add 61 to it."
"Yeah, that's deffinately str8."
by str8lystr8dude February 4, 2005
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a person who doesn't enjoy dancing, men because he's "str8"
Nah i aint gonna str8.
by chitown hunni February 14, 2005
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something the gays don’t know

alternatively a narrow passage of water
me: what is str8?

friend1: a disease you don’t want
friend2: isn’t it a body of water?
by gayidiot January 25, 2020
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Hetrosexual, Straight

Decendant from sms txt language
by t1dylad January 15, 2004
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