Trashy. low-class; nouveau riche; tourist
Originally a Mexican word used to insult low-class people it's slowly becoming part of the American vernacular because they don't have a word as all-encompassing. It's used as a general insult for someone who you think is less sophisticated than you, regardless of wealth.
Look at all the nacos in Times Square wearing Hard Rock Cafe t-shirts!
Maria-Lupe is such a naca. She only eats lobster when she goes out on a date because she thinks it makes her look classy.
by Nico Naco May 1, 2004
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Naco (fmn. naca) is a pejorative word often used in Mexican Spanish to describe bad-mannered and poorly educated people. A naco is usually associated with lower socio-economic classes, but could also sometimes include the nouveau riche.

Vocabulary that is considered naco includes:

"Chale" - used to express dismay
"carnal" - most commonly to refer to a brother, but may refer to a friend, depending on the setting.
cámara - literally means "camera". It is used as a synonym of "OK".
"verga" - "penis" when used as a noun, may also be used as an interjection to express worry.
"chingón" and its politer equivalent "chido" - equivalent to the aesthetic "cool"
"nave" - literally "ship", used to refer to a car.
"wey" - fella', buddy.
Naco: "Damn, I am so fucking hungry man, give me some tacos please."
Naco: "Puta madre, tengo un chingo de hambre wey, dame unos tacos por favor."
by Dimitri Karpov January 28, 2008
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A poor looking tasteless no class tacky person.

Word is commonly used among Mexicans.
Loria looks like a naca wearing here frizzy bangs, crusty long acrylic toe nails, "Just" Jeans,and her fake ass Coach bag.

"Don't be a naco dude, please don't put bull horns and a horse saddle on your 1981 beat up low rider truck"
by Veronica July 30, 2003
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A mexican used for referring to people that has no sense of social education. It has nothing to do with low-class people.
He spitted on the sidewalk, he´s such a naco!
by Real Mexican. January 7, 2013
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A meme term for the tank Necromancer in
Hey, I just killed a Penta with a Naco toady.
by May 25, 2022
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"Naco" is a colloquial term used in Mexico to refer to a mestizo or indigenous person belonging to the lower ranks of society. However, the socioeconomic status of a naco is irrelevant as many of them manage to get high ranking government positions (see, Elba Esther Gordillo) and even work in television (see, Eugenio and Vadhir Derbez).

Nacos are easily found throughout Mexico as they make up most of the population and are usually the ones crossing into the United States in search of work, which in turn, gives Mexicans a bad reputation.

Nacos often have a non-traditional/anglo-saxon name or an extremely "ranchero" name.

They use hair gel liberally. Staples in their wardrobe include knock off luxury brands, Ed Hardy hats, and gold jewelry.

Their regional accents can be heard kilometers away usually followed by sounds of gunshots.

They listen to reggaeton, cumbia, banda or any type of "music" from Caribbean and Central American countries.

Their lives revolve around public television. The men obsess over football and idolize T.V. personality Maribel Guardia. The women watch novelas religiously and idolize naco "singer" Mario Bautista. Hoi polloi need one of their own to look up to; this gives them hope that maybe someday they can become rich and famous, too.

Their diet consists of street food, cheap beer, soft drinks, and recreational drugs.

"Naco" can also apply to anything that may be perceived as cheap or vulgar by the old middle and upper classes.
Naco: "Hi, my name is Bryan Kevin Yahir Erasmo Lopez. My dad is rich and famous. I live in an affluent part of the city, I don't have an accent and don't like reggaeton or wear Ed Hardy."

Traditional Middle Class Mexican: "Cool. You still don't look like one of us so when you leave we'll call you a naco behind your back even though you get us into all the clubs. These mexas think they have status just for having money these days lol the audacity."
by chloemx March 10, 2019
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it is slang started in Mexico by the rich, white elites to describe an uneducated, poor, indigenous person
by TrojanTrooper May 18, 2020
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