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An Asocial fucktard. Someone who acts alone even when surrounded by his friends.
Mike: "Dude, did you see Dan walking with us and wearing his earbuds?"

Alex: "I know, right man? What a bonerthroner."
by Verbiage January 17, 2014
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This term is used in Japanese lesbian S&M culture to refer to the "dom" in a relationship. The word was formed as a "Japlish" contraction for "a Japanese captain".

The term has been expanded to mean the domineering head of any Japanese-run organization; especially when used to describe an organization peopled by non-Japanese who are subservient to a Japanese boss. Usually expressed sarcastically as a reference to "my Japitan".

The term was purportedly first applied to Akiko Toida an infamous female pervert.
Yes, my Japitan, I will do as you have said immediately.
by verbiage November 17, 2011
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A mancrush. This is subset of the typical bromance where one man is impressed or aroused by the usually dubious accomplishments of another.

Particularly applicable when one christian man is excited about the accomplishments another christian man.

Named after the christian quarterback of the Denver Broncos, Tim Tebow.
That guy has such a Tebow-ner for his buddy and the guy is actually a tool that did accomplish a damn thing.
by verbiage November 17, 2011
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A diminutive, but perfectly formed clitoris. Although tiny the cutetoris is the ideal little pink button that prompts adoration when exposed from its hood.
My girlfriend thought her clit was too small but it is a perfect little cutetoris.
by verbiage March 02, 2013
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A term to describe the first woman president of the United States. She boasts having an oval orifice where her best work is done.
I really thought Hilary was going to be our first cuntmander-in-chief and then Obama took Iowa by surprise.
by verbiage November 28, 2011
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The name for the pose that Denver Bronco quarterback Tim Tebow strikes each time he does something he thinks notable.

A single-knee, kneeling pose with fist held to head simulating prayer.
That guy is showing has got his Tebow-ner on, and he didn't do anything worthy of celebration.
by verbiage November 17, 2011
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