A hetrosexual man admiring another man to an extreme in a non-romantic or sexual way, more having an intense desire to be that other man.
I have the biggest mancrush on Brad Pitt, I wish I could be him.
by anonymous November 25, 2004
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An intense infatuation of one straight man for another.
Dave really likes Kobe Bryant. He has a total mancrush on him...even though he's 100% straight.
by ksaflkdsj May 28, 2008
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The highest tier of a man's love for another man, without having any sexual want towards the man.
I have a mancrush on Ryan Dunn for being the man.
by Brodie Bruce January 5, 2005
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noun. an intense and usually passing infatuation from one man projected onto another;also : the object of infatuation
When a male admires a male and thinks of him fondly.< i.e. a Man to have a crush on some other man>
by Anonymous October 16, 2003
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A straight guy that has an infatuation with a male celebrity. Usually expresses this by posting many pictures of said celebrity on his myspace, facebook, etc.
Mason has a mancrush on Tebow! He has pictures of him ALL OVER his myspace.
by shhhhh (: August 15, 2010
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Lingering homosexual feelings,normally towards celebrities, that manifest themselves in non-sexual discussion about the celebrities.

They are non-sexual only because distance and chance of encouter are low.
I saw Tom Cruise in War of the Worlds, he is hot. But I am not gay, not that there is anything wrong with that.
by deaker June 10, 2005
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The goalie of Mario and the Koopas in Mario Strikerz, deified as the eternal Mancrush. Based on the utter mancrushes that players have on him and the inevitable accompanying pre-game ritual.
Great save Mancrush, we would be nothing without your greatness.
by mere mortal September 22, 2006
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