Avoiding social interaction; inconsiderate of or hostile to others.
Normal person: "See that antisocial loner over there? Let’s go talk to them to try and brighten their day."

Ignorant Individual: “Don’t you mean asocial? Antisocial means hostile.”
Normal Person: “Actually, no, literally look up the definition of asocial. It’s the other way around.”
by isaiah9:02 January 17, 2021
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Someone who keeps themselves to themselves, generally ignoring other people. Just as asexual = without sex, asocial = without socilisation. These asocial people tend to be on the autistic spectrum. They are perfectly healthy, they'd just rather not socialize and frankly, judging from the behaviour of a lot of students at school, I can't say I blame them. The asocial individual DOES NOT commit anti-social behaviour. They just ignore everybody.

Not to be confused with antisocial
They called Tom anti-social but in actual fact, he was just asocial. He didn't hurt a fly, he just wasn't that interested in people.
by Walking Talking Dictionary October 22, 2006
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When someone watches a lot of mainstream TV series or movies instead of spending time with his friends or other people.
Tobi is always watching series and never talks to us. He's asocial.
by Killusions November 15, 2017
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Using social media in a way that avoids the social aspect. Like when somebody posts something but doesn't reply to any comments. Ex: vaguebooking
"I keep tweeting at Scott but he won't tweet back. Like seriously, come on bruh!"

"I just want attention so I'll go post something on asocial media."
by hopefullyclever May 31, 2018
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No one wants to talk to that person... like no one likes them and does not want to talk to them or be associated with them.
"Omg don't talk to that non-asociative man..." person 1
"Oh ya he's so stupid..." person 2
"I would never talk to home..." person 3
by BROCREAM09 April 5, 2018
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