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"Drain the swamp" originally means to get rid of the malaria-carrying mosquitoes by draining the swamp. Figuratively, "drain the swamp" means "to exterminate something that is harmful" or anything that most of the people hate such as corruption or government waste. This term is especially attractive for politicians during campaign.
vow to drain the swamp in Washington DC
vow to drain the swamp of big government
by vanderpol August 01, 2010

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to engage in risky behavior, especially when one is already in a dangerous situation.

This figurative usage as appearing in the Oxford English Dictionary is a meaningful explanation of “double down” other than the ubiquitous “to double the wager in exchange for only one additional card in Blackjack gambit” in every online dictionary.
Don’t try to double down the exposures of your retirement money in aggressive investments

It is the time to double down on the commitment of solar energy, rather than to scale back

HP is going to double down on Palm’s webOS
by vanderpol August 04, 2010

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1. Scarecrow which is flimsy and fragile. Therefore, straw man document or straw man proposal means it is a “flimsy” document that is just an initial draft of a subject which is expected to be modified by others

2. A debate technique used to refute an opposing view by misrepresenting the opposing side and then attribute that deliberately misrepresented view to the opponents.
Someone should start to write a straw man document before we can have discussion for all the details.

The opposition party has conjured up a bogus image before proceeding to knock it down. They are using that bogus image or fallacy as a straw man for the false and scurrilous claim
by vanderpol August 03, 2010

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gain early experience
The legendary German fighter pilot, the Red Baron, cut his teeth when accompanying his father in various hunting trips during his childhood

I cut my teeth on the leadership when I was elected as the president of the classes in middle school
by vanderpol August 02, 2010

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1) a situation that is so involved and interwoven which is basically impossible to be fully extricated
2) Something which is so obvious or basically impossible to avoid
3) already reflected in a stock's market price by the expected information such as projected earning or unconfirmed news report
A serious global recession is baked in the cake
The dilemma of long-lasting unemployment rate is baked in the cake
The interest hike at the Fed's next meeting is baked in the cake
by vanderpol September 05, 2010

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Talking/Thinking along the lines. Talking/Thinking about the same or similar topic
In that vein, what do you think about the health reform?
The prime minister was talking about the austerity measures in the recession times. The opposition party also went on in that vein.
by vanderpol August 22, 2010

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If you live in a glass house, then, it means your are in a vulnerable position that may be easily attacked or rebuked by your opponents
The congressman may live in a glass house when it comes to the ethics issue
by vanderpol August 01, 2010

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