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utter incompetence or error-prone
The botch of the stimulus plan may stoke anti-government anger about bureaucrats and two-car funerals
He fouled up a two-car funeral
They couldn't run a two-car funeral to get the budget passed
by vanderpol August 29, 2010
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1. Scarecrow which is flimsy and fragile. Therefore, straw man document or straw man proposal means it is a “flimsy” document that is just an initial draft of a subject which is expected to be modified by others

2. A debate technique used to refute an opposing view by misrepresenting the opposing side and then attribute that deliberately misrepresented view to the opponents.
Someone should start to write a straw man document before we can have discussion for all the details.

The opposition party has conjured up a bogus image before proceeding to knock it down. They are using that bogus image or fallacy as a straw man for the false and scurrilous claim
by vanderpol August 03, 2010
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