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Occurs on hot summer days, when the friction between one's buttocks feels as though it is creating a runny soup.
A particularly bad case of soup ass may be referred to as "soup nuts." In this case, the soup has risen up from the buttocks and is now soaking the testicle region. This may or may not be accompanied by a rash.
"Dude, I've got the soup ass real bad. You got any manpons?"
by userbits March 14, 2007

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Car-spooning occurs when two drivers on opposite sides of traffic recognize each other as fellow douchebags.
The douchebags will then slow to a stop (often in the middle of an intersection) to discuss their douchebaggery in detail.
This interaction is called "car-spooning" because of its resemblance to coitus from behind while lying down.
"I would've made it here sooner, but a couple of douches were car-spooning at the crosswalk."
by userbits March 14, 2007

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The female equivalent to "sloppy seconds", floppy seconds occurs when a woman receives an inadequate dose of dongage due to the fact that the male in question has recently enacted in coitus with another woman, thus rendering his manhood "floppy".
"Well, I already banged your sister, but if you don't mind floppy seconds..."
"Man, that Kate Hudson chick sure does like floppy seconds!"
by userbits March 06, 2010

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Also referred to as the "stop and chat," this expression, while crude, accurately describes the act of stopping someone in the street or workplace for an non-consensual conversation.
These awkward conversations leave the verbal rape victim feeling uncomfortable and violated.
"Why can't I ever walk past the boss without him verbally raping my ass?"
"The term 'verbal rape' underrates the trauma that real rape victims go through."
by userbits March 14, 2007

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The female equivalent to a lemon party, this occurs when more than two elderly women get together to butter each other's crumpets. Not to be confused with mah dong night, during which more than two elderly women get together to watch male strippers.
"Hey, hon, where's your mother?"
"Off playing bridge with the gals, I guess."
"Ah, Christ, not another crumpet party!"
by userbits March 07, 2010

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A phenomenon where the penis makes a pop or snapping sound while masturbating, much like the sound of bubble wrap being stepped on.
See also: "snap, crackle, cock".
"Dude, what's that crackly noise I keep hearing through your bedroom wall? You eating Rice Krispies?"
"Nah, I was just jerkin'. Crinkle dick."
by userbits March 07, 2010

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Two fists coming together in friendship or solidarity, followed by a mimed explosion.
Variation the familiar knuckle bump, fist bump, or bro fist.
It is common to say the phrase "fist bump, fireworks" while enacting both parts of the bump bomb.
Dude #1: Dude, that was a sweet burn! Bump bomb?
Dude #2: I heard that.
Both Dudes (while bump-bombing): "Fist bump, fireworks."
by userbits August 11, 2010

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