A popular linux desktop manager.
I am using KDE as my linux desktop manager.
by uncle!f00 December 18, 2003
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Kraft der Erde aka. "KDE" , is a comon drink in Austria, mainly consisting of Stolichnaya vodka aka. "Stoli", carbonated water and a shot of lemon.
The perfect KDE consists of 60% cold sparkling water, 35% "Stoli" and 5% lemon juice.

It is the perfect drink for getting wasted and avoiding a hangover at the same time.

It "schwaps" (tastes) like lemon water and acts like booze.

It is the main beverage of the Lörsterer cartel as well as the In Time G´s group and at is served at every big gathering.
-I want to get wasted but stay hydrated , let´s drink some KDE (Kraft der Erde) tonight!

-My cub is empy, who´s going to serve the next carafe of KDE (Kraft der Erde)?
by SemIhmon April 18, 2018
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a Windowing Mananger for Linux, made popular by people who don't know any better. Based QT, a port of Microsoft's god awful MFC classes for Windows to Linux. Clouded with nasties and released under GPL instead of LGPL like GTK. Those who know better who Gnome.
Gnome 2.8 beats KDE 3.x every day of the week hands down.
by zacbowling.com February 23, 2005
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Ultra-slow, overly graphical Linux desktop enviroment. Default in SuSE, Lycoris, and other distros generally aimed at the new user.
"I use KDE because I want my computer to feel like Windows 2000 on a 486-DX2"
by StrokeCity October 16, 2004
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KDE stands for the "Kraft Diner Effect". KDE happens when you don't properly chew and or eat it too fast. You start to get pains in you chest and back from the gooey load of KD that's slowly sliding down your esophagus. This can happen can also happen with other foods but is always called KDE.
"Oh my God I think I'm having a heart attack!!!"
"no that's just KDE, wait it out man"
by ricecream March 10, 2010
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Acronym for "The K Desktop Environment"

Kde is a desktop enviroment for the X11 system, commonly used by Linux with XFree86 and xorg. Commonly used.

Matthias Ettrich started KDE in 1996. It uses the Qt graphic library. Based on "look and feel" and features. KDE is extremely powerful for experts and easy to use for beginners at X.

Has a whole stash of software. Such as KOffice, Kmail, kontact, the K edutainment suite, KDE games, and etc.

Desktop: kdesktop
File Manager: konqueror
Window Manager: kwin
Menu: kicker
I love using "kig" for help on my geometry homework and "flashkard" for help memorizing. Except I have to load up kdeinit because I'm only using fluxbox.
by tsphan November 27, 2004
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Kool Desktop Environment. Starts with "K", cuz CDE, or Common Desktop Environment used CDE
I sometimes use KDE. on my linux.
by Andrew LJK November 4, 2006
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