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A gtk+2.0 web browser mainly used for the Gnome Desktop Environment. Using the mozilla engine.

It's more faster at loading up and lightweight compared to Firefox. Also giving a better tabbing engine, allowing you to force new windows into new tabs and allowing you to move them. Also allowing the ability to make your own custom search engines without having to download anything except for maybe a picture.

Giving almost the same power as Firefox, Galeon's only flaw is with it's pop-up blocker. It's not as smart as the Firefox blocker, because Galeon blocks up SOME requested pop-ups and it takes awhile to enable pop-ups. which I hate.

Sorry folks, but it's for Linux!
Firefox kept loading up new windows and it kept using up ram. I can't program C, so I decided to just use Galeon because Epiphany is like Internet Explorer, not customizable.
by tsphan November 26, 2004
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