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A semi-famous phrase from a short story that was aired on NPR about seven or so years ago. It involved a woman hitchhiking through a town called PawPaw. Whilst hitchhiking, she sticks her head out the window and yells "PawPaw for Jesus!" to show her enthusiasm.
So I shoved my head out the window and screamed, "PawPaw for Jesus!"
by toee April 16, 2006
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A very thin moustache that resembles a pencil line. It is shaved to look this way as very few people have thin enough facial hair to grow one naturally. Sometimes even it can be drawn on.

Might I also add it is very erotic and retro to have one.
John Waters is a person who usually sports a pencil line moustache.
by toee August 30, 2006
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A band from the suburbs of Philly that wasn't so much a band as a predecessor to the equally doomed band Yaoi and the eventual solo act Apocalyptic Betty.

Was formed by two high school freshman who eventual gave up due to artistic differences. Later, Yaoi was formed by one of the two.

NiMb.ie stems from the actual organization nimby, with whom the band liked the name of. NiMb.ie stands for "Not In My Bedroom. Ideally Ever" It is just nonesense for using the acronym NiMb.ie
NiMb.ie sucked, but it's too bad they never had a chance.
by toee December 02, 2006
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If you wear a shirt that says "Otaku" with the kanji script above it, and you are an american, you are an idiot.

Otaku is not something someone strives to be, nor is it a good thing. Americans, and I suppose other non-Japanese, do not understand the truth to this phrase.
I hate those posers who walk around in Otaku shirts.
by toee May 17, 2006
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Bascially a woman, be it a friend or a girlfriend, or even someone you barely know, who stabs you in the back a bitchy way. Someone severely looked down on.
She is such a back stabbing broad, I let her stay at my house for one night and she already made a pass at my boyfriend.
by toee May 16, 2006
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Used on aim, msn, or any other live chat, to explain when you are feeling down. It explains being sad, or showing frustration over something. You use it in a time you would be crying, either literally or metaphorically.
h0t gurlz 20 : So I heard the tickets sold out.

jUggz : Yeah.
jUggz : *cries*
by toee September 20, 2006
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29 is akin to, in the words of most, "Humping a Humpback whale"

The 2 from sideways looks like a whale's hump and tail, hence the whale part, and the 9 is you. 29 resembles you humping a whale. It is a strange new thing that is catching on rapidly.
"I got number 29." Grant said.

"Oh silly," I said, "Don't you know that means? It means you humped a humpback whale."
by toee September 14, 2006
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