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Dad I'd like to Fuck. Obviously.

He is usually a sensitive man and caring father. Divorced (or sometimes widowed) with his preferably toddler children, young women find their hearts melting. It is the dilf, not the milf, who really gets the affections of the younger generation. Middle aged, but with a great body and warm smile, he never needs to look far for a good lay.
Now that he is divorced from his cheating ex wife, my neighbor is such a dilf. It's so cute the way he shuffles his kids to day care.
by toee May 16, 2006
Yet another obsessive fangirl base. Chainshipping is the nickname given to (usually) teenage girls who have watched the film Saw and feel that Adam and Lawrence should be lovers. They have infected most fanfic/message boards for the Saw films with their smut. However, they are one of the better yaoi enthusiasts, since they don't seem to force their opinion on others.
You can always tell which ones are into chainshipping, 16, female and Leigh Whannell obsessed.
by toee April 30, 2006
29 is akin to, in the words of most, "Humping a Humpback whale"

The 2 from sideways looks like a whale's hump and tail, hence the whale part, and the 9 is you. 29 resembles you humping a whale. It is a strange new thing that is catching on rapidly.
"I got number 29." Grant said.

"Oh silly," I said, "Don't you know that means? It means you humped a humpback whale."
by toee September 14, 2006
Bascially a woman, be it a friend or a girlfriend, or even someone you barely know, who stabs you in the back a bitchy way. Someone severely looked down on.
She is such a back stabbing broad, I let her stay at my house for one night and she already made a pass at my boyfriend.
by toee May 16, 2006
A town in Pennsylvania that is technically part of Bristol. It is very aptly named, because Edgely seems to be on the edge of civiliation. There is not one store, laundromat, doctor's office, fast food joint, mall, or park there. It is just houses, and that's it. It is a depressing little town, if rich.
There is nothing to do in Edgely, it's a sad little town.
by toee August 31, 2006
An amazingly disgusting product that is both peanut butter and jelly conbined in one jar. It can be found at most American supermarkets.
Today I went to the store to get some goober grape, it tastes like shit but at least you only have to spread on one substance.
by toee May 17, 2006
A strange, strange band from the UK.
We're going to a Selfish Cunt show tonight.
by toee February 10, 2006