Flopped on billboard charts, if it even made it to the charts.

A word that stans use ALL THE TIME.
This album by this person tanked.
by indichotomy December 1, 2020
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1: to be intoxicated

2: to do very bad in
3: to launch, throw, hit, something very, very, very far.
Bob was tanked last night at the bar.

Bob tanked his math test yesterday.

Bob tanked the golf ball over 6 houses, before it hit a telephone pole.
by crizpymangos4ever March 17, 2015
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To tank something is to do badly or at it, or fail. One usually does this on tests that one is unprepared for. Tanking is the verb of tank.
Me: Man, I just tanked the math portion of my PSATs.

by Riannea October 18, 2007
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Taking an attack with minimum damage, showing high durability.
The Third Raikage tanked Naruto's Futon: Rasenshuriken

The tank tanked that rocket!

Superman tanked the missile and saved the day.
by SSM12 September 27, 2012
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usually something stan twitter accounts say about other people whose music/album "flopped", while their fave produces trashy ass songs for their obnoxious fanbase.
Annoying stan twitter account: OH HAHA BTS AND BILLIE TANKED
Bts: *getting 112 million views on butter within 24 hours of it's release*
Billie: "getting 7 grammys at 19*
by uarefads May 24, 2021
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Damn mang, all those beers got me fucking TANKED. I can't even walk straight.

You feel like getting tanked tonite?
by eternalcrux December 29, 2004
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To be forced over a medium to long distance, preferably by a huge hulking monster, ala Left 4 Dead.
"Damn, dude, I was playing football and I got tanked trying to make a touchdown."
by Dark Soul X December 16, 2009
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