66 definitions by tj

an expression of love
I love you more than 10 million sockeye
by TJ March 03, 2004
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to have a blood alcohol level of 0.2 or greater
I'm getting weird tonight.
by TJ November 12, 2004
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A name for your friend, homeboy.
'Ey god, what's happening?
by Tj November 15, 2004
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A man with long, flowing blonde hair resembling a woman.
I was walking behind this hot chick, but it ended up just being a Vit.
by TJ January 28, 2003
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dawn patrol
early morning surf sesh
lets hit it a like 5am, full on dawn patrol
by tj April 20, 2005
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sponger or other annoying obstacle inside a surf spot
sometimes you hit em on purpose cause theyr annoying
last wave was sick, but i hit a few speed bumps on the way in
by tj April 20, 2005
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the new crunk music, that you can do the snap(the dance)to.
'lean wit it, rock wit it' 'snap ya fingers' 'laffy taffy' 'oh i think they like me' 'do it do it' are SNAP MUSIC songs.

have you seen the new snap ya fingers video?
by tj June 16, 2006
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