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The band that all the "punk" kids like to bash as "sissy" or "gay." What they don't realize is that without The Beatles, the bands they listen to now would never even be around.
-The Beatles are stupid and their music sucks
-I'm going to kill you
by tintle September 06, 2004

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A channel that has sold out to the max. Used to have great shows like salute your shorts, pete and pete, and doug. Now they have these stupid mindless cartoons that would put a kid with adhd to sleep.
6 year old kid: Nickelodeon is my favorite channel!

Me: My young friend, you shall never know.
by tintle September 12, 2004

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a band that "real punks" like to make fun of because they arent quite punk enough for them. Blink 182 is one of the most original bands out there, and its not impossible to like hardcore punk and Blink-182. They are not Simple Plan and they are not Good fucking Charlotte. They were around before those bands were picking up instruments, so suck my fucking cock if you don't like them
-Ha look at this loser, he likes Blink-182!
-Ha look at this loser, he has my dick in his mouth!
by tintle September 07, 2004

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The funniest man on late night, much funnier than Jay Leno, and a trillion times funnier than David Letterman.
-I'm watching Leno.
-You poopface, the real laughs don't come until you enter the "Cone Zone!"
by tintle September 11, 2004

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Why am I not surprised that a person who uses the words "commie fag" is a fox news watcher. Silly silly people.
-I'm informed because I watch Fox news
-That's nice (yawn)
by tintle October 14, 2004

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a good as fuck band who aren't phonies. Their lead singer was the nicest guy I've ever met.
i love anthem of our dying day
by tintle March 01, 2004

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One of the greatest authors in american history. If they ever make a movie based on his life I could see Johnny Depp in the lead role.
-Edgar Allen Poe is cool
-Yes he is.
by tintle September 11, 2004

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