A fan of the band Linkin Park. Most are very hard core, it seems its only extremes. Not that complex right?
If you are not a fan, I can't see why, than shut up and don't complain. Just don't listen to them and hey life is solved.
I'm a Linkin Park Fan... seeing as I'm wearing their shirt and listening to their album.. Intelligence I know
by HitTheFloor January 5, 2005
Someone who likes Linkin Park. It's okay if you don't like them, but calling them stupid and they suck cock is fucking retarded.
by Bashe June 24, 2004
Linkin Park fans (or fanatics,which is almost the same) are usually young people who

1) insanelly like to quote LP lyrics;
2) always find themselves listening to any of the LP albums, like 1023554689 times over and over again;
3) have LP tattos;
4) die their hair the same way one of the band member does;
5) instead of sleeping,are lying on their backs repeating to themselves "Linkin Park please come to my country!!!!Pleaaaase!!!"
6) don't like the Jonas Brothers and think that they are general douchebags;
7) sleep,go to their schools/colleges/jobs,wearing an LP T-shirt;
8) think that "Project Revolution" is one of their goals in life;
9) cry for like a REALLY long time if they find out that the gig in their town is cancelled;
10) have all of the albums (even the singles,LPU albums, other EP's)
11) celebrate the band members' birthdays
12) hate people who say that "LP is shit","LP sold themselves","LP sucks","I hate LP" ect;
13) don't even speak,they rap,rap,rap SCREAM (but nowadays just sing (no rapping,no screaming(unfortunatly);
14) (girls) want to marry one of band members (or more than one),want to have kids with them and blah,blah,blah..(boys) are forming similar bands like Linkin Park and are acting like them;
15) are jumping like Bennington during the shows;
16) can do multitask and have changed their names into Mike;
17) believe in the Hybrid Theory soldier;
18) go out of "their fucking minds" when they see a person who looks kinda like Chester;
19) have their opinion about Jay-Z (which nessesary doesn't have to be a good one)
20) supports Linkin Park NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES;
21) are talented when it comes to play the bass,drums,turntables,electric giutar;
22) cry when they sing "Breaking the Habit";
23) are very,very,very,very,very optimistic ( for real,some even imagine themselves as the 7th member of the band);
24) are fans of "Fort Minor" and "Dead By Sunrise";
25) rather sell their souls to the devil,than sell their LP merch;
26) the word "too much" isn't in their dictionary;
27) dream about the band 24/7;
28) gave up their true religions;
29) made their rooms into "Linkin Park worshiping sanctuaries";
30) have their bible which is "From The Inside:Linkin Park's Meteora book";
31) all their dreams,hopes,intensions in life are linked to the same thing which is LINKIN PARK (duh);
32) if they're waked from a dream,they can spell the whole biography (or dicography) standing on one leg and holding a glass of water on their heads;
33) (have I mentioned the "lyric quoting" part?)
If you can relate to at least 10 of the things,than the therm "Linkin Park fan" is the best one in describing you. Good for you!;D
David: "Where am I?"
A familiar voice:"In the studio,dude"
David: "OMG is that you Chester?"
Chester (the voice):" Yeah,man,as far as I know *gigles*.Did you know that you've been selected out of the LP Underground members to spend a day with us while we're recording our album?"
David:"Hell,yeah!Is this true? Is my dream coming true?!"
And before Chester could answer,David woke up in his bed.
David: Fuck! Fuck! And fuck again! Why do I have to be such a Linkin Park fan?Why?!
by Hybrid_Monkey May 24, 2009
someone who is very insightful, intelligent, emotional, talented, and true....someone who likes real music
by ?? July 3, 2004
Linkin Park Fan: Me, Someone who likes Linkin Park. every Fan has their likes and dislikes. One who likes Linkin Park Falls in with this Definition.
eg: Im a linkin park fan who thinks its funny that people use a dictionary website to make fun of a band they dont like. They dont see me shitting on the stuff they like, your metallica or maiden, ozzy, The classics. Im a fan of them as well, while also being a Linkin Park fan So get a fucking life R-Tards

why point out what you dont like, your one in a million, nobody fuckin cares. Like your shit, and I'll like mine.

and yes I know this makes me a total hippocrite
by Red Vs Blue Rocks February 7, 2005
the greatest thing you can ever be most people plan to get a tattoo later in life
i plan to get the dragon-fly soldier on there back
by king of rock March 14, 2005
Someone that likes Linkin Park. I will admit that they have poorly written lyrics, but they layer their music well. If you listen to just the bass lines, or just the guitar parts, etc., then you will see how hard it is to accomplish. I know alot about music and I like alot of great bands. These guys in LP may not be classics or change the way rock is done, but they were a new idea and great at the time. So stop hatin on people just because they don't have the same taste as you. PLUS, most of you haters are just people that don't know jack shit about music.
by Jayehawk December 30, 2005