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When a group of males, four or more, assemble on a field, indoor or out. One man(Commander) lays on his side and waits for another man(Baron or General) to suck his cock. He comes to the field willing to suck a cock in hopes that another man(U.S. President) will come and suck his cock. The Commander is indebted to the U.S. President and is bound to bring another man(Breaker) the President chooses to suck his cock. The process continues until the final man(Breaker) does not recieve his reciprocal cock suck.
Jeremy Beck: "Hey next week me and a group of guys are gonna get together n suck each others cocks, if u wanna join let me know?"

Izak Brown: "oh hell yeah, can I get on that Cock-Sucking Train Business (CSTB)?"

Jeremy Beck: "Lol, ya if u want in, for sure."
by thetryplethreat July 13, 2010

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the act of regifting a recieved gift, however an additional five to ten dollars is spent to upgrade the gift to a larger size or better make. this in turn makes the giver feel more better about the regifting.
Jeff- "I'll be right back, I gotta go to the store to finish up my Christmas shopping."

Pops- "Whatcha gettin?"

Jeff- "Gonna take this flashlight back and get a bigger one. I love upgrade regifting.

Pops- "Didn't I get you a flashlight last year for Christmas?"
by thetryplethreat December 22, 2010

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A female that is in dire need of a vaginal cleansing. Not just any gross clam, one that might even be harboring some of the most dangerous mythical creatures. Also disgusting enough to keep away the maybe onlookers. It is a eye-opener of a sight as well as is viewing two straight men having sex, one not so much enjoying it as the other.
Geena: "did you see that raunchy twat in room 28?"

Mike: "yeah!, so disturbing I kept looking at it. Once I finally got away, i've been having nightmares ever since."

Genna: "that's fucked up."
by thetryplethreat November 14, 2010

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A Marijuana Trigger Bowl, commonly referred as MTB, is the catalyst used to bring about a stronger and quicker high after using narcotics such as ecstacy.
Sasha- Sadie? Are you trippin' yet?

Sadie- No!

Sasha- Fuck! We forgot the MTB (Marijuana Trigger Bowl)!

Sadie- Well that explains the delay. Load Optimus (Bong).
by TheTrypleThreat September 06, 2010

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when your text app is broken or you have recently lost texting on your phone and call up a buddy to relay a two to three word message followed with hanging up immediately.
Jason- (to himself) Damn, my text app doesn't work again. No nevermind. (starts calling Frank).

Frank- (recieving call) Hey.

Jason- (says to Frank) What up mane? (hangs up)

Frank- (to himself) What the actual fuck? Jason and his text calling.
by thetryplethreat December 22, 2010

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The art in which one would stare at the opposite from a far, as to allow the watcher some sort of gratification from only seeing. Most likely a guy from the ages of pre-pubescence to late teenage years (depending on how creepy that person turns out to be). This usually involves groups of people and the talk of how good looking one being watched is.
Jessie: Oh damn, bra!

Jacob: Right, those chicks be totally skammin us.

John: You know it!
by thetryplethreat November 05, 2010

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When common terms do not even grasp the greatness of what something is. That being, when something seen, done, or heard is inexplainable the term is used.
Bobby: Dude, last night two chicks propositioned me for a three way and for some weird reason I said "no."

Trent: What? Your totally fucked up!

Bobby: Yeah, but then three chicks came up, even hotter, and asked for a four-way!

Trent: Ion Busting man!
by thetryplethreat October 18, 2010

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