n. What Martha's looking at.
Martha's looking at five to ten for insider trading. It's a good thing.
by D'emon November 27, 2002
Best shoe company ever. Five Ten makes cool looking shoes that are made for exciting sports. The bottoms are super sticky which is awesome for climbing rocks and walls, doing flips, slacklining, base jumping... even help you stick to the pedals on your bike.
I want a pair of Five Ten shoes.
by sweet1d6 February 3, 2010
An expression which seems to mean 5 to 10 minuntes. However, the exact time period expressed is unknown, it could be a half hour, 1 hour, 5 hours, 2 days, a week, or even a month. It is a commonly used phrase on West Chester University's campus.

1) Marc: When do you want to get some food?
Brendan: In five ten.

2) Brendan: Yo man, I'll be ready to go to the mall in five ten.
Marc: Yea right
by Troain December 12, 2005
when goths have nail varnished ones nails black and then have a hi five (or ten ). The nails are all inportent and sometimes contribute to having a hi five (or ten)
E.g1 "goth five (or ten)"(or ten) hi five/ten folows.
E.g2 "dude we got goth hands ,goth five"
by happy goths January 30, 2009
A saying expressing the high odds of an event occurring, stemming from the idea of 2:1 odds in gambling.
"Five gets you ten that Lindsey Lohan will get arrested at least another 3 times this year."
by Guy Charles March 1, 2008
The knowing instruction given to a prodigy by an older and wiser male when referencing women to choose for sexual encounters. This rule will also make it much more possible to convince two women to go to bed with you at the same time.
Young dude,"God, that girl's a ten, I'm gonna go talk to her."
Old dude, "Son, those two over there are not as attractive, but two fives beat a ten."
by Skip in DE January 6, 2007