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When a woman tries to queef and shits herself.
After sex my girl ripped a wicked creef. There was shit everywhere
by thereallegend March 4, 2014
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When you loan someone money and they refuse to pay you back.
Jeff: Damn, I loaned Alex $50 and now he says I need to provide a receipt of the loan.
Josh: Damn son.....you got Alvarezzed big time.
by thereallegend January 7, 2013
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A person who feeds off drama. They will often start drama just to have it around. Quite often the dramamvore is the biggest bitch or asshole in the group.
Julia - OMG, Becky is such a bitch. She started all this drama and just sat there smiling while people fought amongst each other.
John - She is a total dramavore.
by thereallegend November 21, 2012
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When a faggot pushes his balls inside his own asshole. Gives the appearance of a muddy mudflap upon removal. Often shortened to WeHo Mudflap.
John: Chris always tucks his balls in his

asshole before he goes out cruising.
Jeff: yeah, he loves the West Hollywood Mudflap.
by thereallegend February 24, 2014
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invented by The Legend himself. this sexual act involves sucking a fart from a woman's ass, holding it like a bong rip, andblowing it back in her face.
he performed The Eifert Manuever on his girlfreind an caused her to pass out from the smell
by thereallegend September 11, 2011
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girl 1: The Legend is hung like a beer can.
girl 2: He is a real Girthling.
by thereallegend December 24, 2011
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someone who has a very girthy cock.
girl 1: The Legend is hung like a beer can.
girl 2: he is such a girthling.
by thereallegend December 24, 2011
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