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Slang for West Hollywood. . . Gay Boi mecca of southern california
by Meow February 16, 2004
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Someone of high status in West Hollywood, California.
“Why does he walk around like he owns the place?”

“He’s a WeHo Boy.”
by tucotight May 23, 2018
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wrapping your lover's chest and nether regions in saran wrap, then taking a dump and watching the steam trails run under neath the saranwrap.
After dinner and a movie, Jeff gave Beau a Weho steamer that left them both spent in delight.
by ed ainsworth January 11, 2005
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A Weho what's up is when you're walking down the street in West Hollywood and all of a sudden you feel somebody aggressively squeezing both of your butt cheeks, but when you turn around to see who it is, nobody's there.
I need to see the security footage at Gelsons to figure out who gave me that weho what's up this morning
by Sleepover Gang Party September 14, 2021
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A celebrity (most often a man) that is not out to the public but often seen in West Hollywood, usually in gay bars.
Shawn has really become quite the weho regular, hasn't he?
by glizzydilf May 16, 2021
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