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To contribute money towards the purchase of something.
JohnO: hey, Homs I'm gunna go get some monsters, You want some?
Homs: Yea man, I'll throw down.
by TheRealJohnO December 28, 2004

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The Mack Pimp of cell phone providers. Often accused of having huge phones even though that is no longer true.
Homs - I haven't gotten my nextel yet.

Joms - Wow, your life sucks.
by therealjohno November 23, 2004

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A true "King Among Men" is defined as being absolutely awesome in everything done.

eg: JohnO
Random Bystander: Wow that JohnO is a real King Among Men, look at him drinking that Monster, I aspire to be just like him.
by therealjohno December 02, 2004

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Similar to saying "pound it" usually involves hitting of two or more clenched fists together in an expression of triumph.

*the rock is then knocked*
by TheRealJohnO December 14, 2004

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The ultimate form of Radical. Used to describe things that are mega-rad.
JohnO: hey Homs I just got done drinking my Monster you wanna go chillax?

Homs: Yeaa! That would be Radixel
by therealjohno November 26, 2004

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The name that idiots who don't even live in Georgia call the city of Atlanta.

Nobody that actually lives in Atlanta says this. Ever.
JohnO: So yea, I live in Norcross, right outside of Atlanta.
Idiot: Dam fool! You live in Hotlanta?!
JohnO: Please go die. Right away.
by therealjohno December 02, 2004

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The weakest and most over-priced of all energy drinks.

Synonyms: Red Bull Sugar Free

Antonyms: Monster
idiot: Yo fool! Will you pick me up a Red Bull!?

Joms: Why would you pay 2 dollars for an 8 oz can, when you can pay the same price for a Monster and get twice as much of something better!?

idiot; I guess I never thought about it that way before.... I guess you're right!
by therealjohno December 03, 2004

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