In the beginning, there was nothing.

Then, J Bizzle said ‘Let there be MACK’. (By solving y=∞/0)

And so Mack was born.

Mack then set to work: building the Mackverse.

On the first day, Mack divided the Mackverse into the land (for macking) and the sea (not for macking, except Antwerp harbour).

On the second day Mack split time into day (for recovering and honing of tactics) and the night (for macking, of course).

On the third day, Mack made women (mackable) and men (non-mackable).

On the fourth day, Mack divided the women into mackables (>5) and non-mackables (<5). Needless to say, there were far more of the former than the latter.

On the fifth day, Mack identified targets, naming them Macks.

On the sixth day, Mack prioritised his targets, whilst remembering that a Mack's a Mack.

And on the seventh day, Mack set to his heavenly work: MACKING. Henceforth from this day no girl was ever safe............
There once was a boy with a gift
He pulled girls so incredibly swift
He simply said ‘Mack.’
Mack mack mack, mack mack.’
And began work on the holy night shift.

The 9 steps of the Mack, by Mack himself can be purchased from all good bookstores.

Note: Mack has never, will never, and can never fail!!!
by MackedOff November 26, 2011
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n. The guy who always starts the party, the one who gets everyone ELSE hammered while at the same time himself drinking, but somehow staying sober.

v. To force alcohol on other people to get them drunk, while not drinking yourself.

~The Mack will usually pressure you into drinking, or even make fun of you until you get hammered, but you still enjoy it because, everyone loves getting MACKED!!!
Owens: "Dude, we got way shitty last night, we must have drank 2 30 packs and a handle of Black Velvet!!! Where's McKendree passed out at?"

Pennington: "Sweetie, he is completely fine, you got hammered and he was just sittin back texting!"

McKendree: As he pops out of his room..."Hahaha, you guys were wasted! You've been...MACKED!!!"

C.J: "Lol, he did it again, The Mack got you!!!"
by drew3782 April 9, 2010
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To kiss passionately with someone for an extended period of time; commonly "to make out"
This phrase can also describe sexual relations beyond kissing
Often used as a conjoining phrase using "with" and a noun
I was mackin' it with some girl at that party last night. She was HOT!
by Michael Braun December 8, 2004
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to be hit, struck, or destroyed.
bro, Eli almost got macked by that Honda. holy shit
by tellernotelling August 22, 2019
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to have made out with someone.
dude, i macked with him!
by Gina Fizz April 30, 2005
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flirting, being ostentatious to attract member(s) of the opposite sex
where'd those girls go? i was really mackin' it to them
by Anonymous July 14, 2002
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Mack- (verb) To hit on, flirt with, or seduce a female by using verbal or sometimes physical means of persuasion.

see also: Mack Daddy
"I'm gonna go mack me up some fine ass fo sho mah nigga!"
by reyflyinfury619 April 24, 2003
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