A common nickname for Atlanta popularized thoughout the United States and abroad for over two decades by the marketing efforts of the Atlanta Convention Bureau and various trade and tourist organizations.

The "Hot" in "Hotlanta" refers to the many wonderful things to do in Atlanta, especially the sexy nightlife Atlanta is famous for. To a lesser degree, it also refers to the hot summer temperatures common to Atlanta.

While in the past, the term "Hotlanta" was used primarily by those visiting Atlanta, with over 340,000 Google entries, "Hotlanta" is now commonly used by most Atlantans and has become synonymous with "Atlanta".
I'm going into Hotlanta to have some fun tonight.
by John Pennington August 23, 2007
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The name that idiots who don't even live in Georgia call the city of Atlanta.

Nobody that actually lives in Atlanta says this. Ever.
JohnO: So yea, I live in Norcross, right outside of Atlanta.
Idiot: Dam fool! You live in Hotlanta?!
JohnO: Please go die. Right away.
by therealjohno December 3, 2004
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Archaic name of Atlanta, Ga. used in the same sense as "Christiana" (Oslo) or "New Amsterdam" (Manhattan). After the Leo Frank incident it was decided that more civility was needed, thus the institution of neo-traditional placenames.
Scarlett: If you go, where shall I go? what shall I do? What could be more crunk than Hotlanta?
Rhett Butler: Frankly my dear, get out tha way bitch, get out tha way
by Shelby Dade Foote, Jr. August 9, 2011
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Atlanta, Georgia and vicinity.
"Hot" refers to the weather, the social climate and the black people that's representing.
Hotlanta is the best place for today's black people?
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant April 25, 2005
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Refers to the large amount of crime and corruption in the Atlanta metropolitan area while having some of the largest ghettos in the United States. It is hot in the same way a stolen firearm is. For example, Orlando is never called Hotlando and is arguably hotter.
Did you hear public schools in an entire county lost accreditation due to corruption? Welcome to Hotlanta.
by Layrod March 27, 2016
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Atlanta, Georgia. "Hot" refers to both weather and social climate.
We drove into Hotlanta to party last summer.
by Stroll June 29, 2004
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Refers to Atlanta, Georgia. Possibly the stupidest term used to rep the best city in the world. Nobody from the ATL ever actually uses this term.
Some Yankee: So I hear you're from Hotlanta. What a stupid name!
ATL Person: Yeah, 'cause people not from here's what made it up. *lays the smack down* Repin' the ATL, fool, wat!
by Marya November 16, 2005
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