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Irate is a very intricate word with only one main meaning. You use the word "irate" when you are extremely angry. Usually, you can use irate as a joke towards others, but normally it expresses your feelings when you are at the epitome of anger.
Alisha was so irate when Alyssa called her a slut.
by the magikal leprechaun December 08, 2005
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A skin condition. Basically breaking out in hives. I guarantee no one looking at this website has heard this word before, so I'm happy to be the first.

Urticaria is a side effect of taking the drug, Adderall. You take adderall when you have ADHD, and one of my friends just so happens to ADHD.
Well, you just popped four Adderall, so there's an amazing chance you'll come down with some Urticaria.
by the magikal leprechaun February 07, 2006
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As you are making out with a girl, you use your left hand to unzip your zipper on your pants, while your right hand pushes the girl's head down toward your penis.
Dude, I did the ELEVATOR MOVE on this girl last night, and she was all for it.
by the magikal leprechaun March 20, 2005
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Pink de Lish: what a word (or phrase if that's what you prefer). This word/phrase has two known meanings. First, it's one of the extremely intricate screen names on my AOL Instant Messenger buddy list. Secondly, it does a great job of describing one of nature's most ingenious inventions: the vagina. The perfect color of the vagina is "Pink de Lish", as is the taste. The word/phrase "Pink de Lish" is easily one of the most subtle ways to describe the vagina. Right before you plunge into that succulent vagina, think of the "Pink de Lish" taste and you won't be surprised.
Damn, this pussy tastes exactly like Pink de Lish.
by the magikal leprechaun November 24, 2005
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A terrible spelling mistake made by a good friend of mine. Supposed to be "chowder".

ie: clam CHOWDER
Who wants some chodder?
by the magikal leprechaun July 31, 2005
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Lair is a neat little typo made by another good friend of mine by the name of THUG. It basically means "Liar".
Jack - Tim thinks I'm always lying, but he's the LAIR!
by the magikal leprechaun August 05, 2005
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