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A female who is very gorgeous, smart and irresistable. Dont take no shit from no one either.
Oh man, look at the Lish, she hot and intimidating!
by BaseballManiac11 March 07, 2015
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a word with various uses and definitions.
1.)Can be used as an adjective in LISHous which means bangin, scrumptous, off the chain, etc.
2.)Also can be used to decsribe something that is at the top of its game (the best...holla)
3.)Sometimes used as a verb with no actual definition
1.) dag yo, that album is lish as hell playa
2.) i am the lish.
3.) lishmeh please
4.) dont give me that lish suckka
by spiderman September 08, 2004
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Short for the ironic street meaning of the word Malicious.
I'm feeling totally lish today sitting here with my sunglasses on drinking cider in the sunshine.
by Peasey123 March 31, 2013
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buy the domain for your travel site
Life Is So Hard. This term is used to describe white girl problems or when life is just so hard.
I didn't have time to get Stabrucks before yoga class, lish.

I only got 1 shot of espresso in my latte instead of 2, lish.

While playing Beer Pong, Ishrat missed the cup. Lish.
by NakaFlockaFlame October 27, 2014
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From one with the most flava and skills
As in the most de-lish, Colbi-lish.
by L2 March 03, 2005
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im gonna lish you like mohammed ali lished tyson.

i lished him so hard he thought he lost his dick.

fish lish with there tongue.

i lished you so many times you got lishified
by Hamad and Reina September 05, 2006
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