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a phrase used to bring attention to something of czech origin
"oh man that meatpie looks awesome, can I Czech it out?
by The Beast February 26, 2004
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A phrase that someone uses to rephrase something they said before that wasn't comprehensible.
Phil: You're going to eat the floor!

Tyler: What does that even mean?

Phil: Put it this way, I'm going to beat you up.
by The beast February 03, 2012
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when not to praise the lord and savior but to reconize a comical or superior situation
look at the ass on that girl right there. " thank you jesus "
by the BEAST July 06, 2004
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A hey guys prick who likes to bum The Beastbut takes care over his appearance, as he would really like some.
The Beast - 'Yo Tooler, you have no friends, lets bum'
Tooler - 'Nice one beast.'
(Sounds of buggery)
The Beast - 'That was crap. You're crap'
Tooler - 'Thanks beast'
The Beast - 'Suck my dick Tooler'
Tooler - 'Ok'
by the beast February 25, 2004
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"I saw you cum out of that park washroom and I know what goes down there, gypsy homo," says friend one.
"If anything goes down there it's your mom."
"Oh yeah and your mom is a fag hag by the way."
by the beast April 23, 2003
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to murder a person and then rape their dead body
I went Merlyn style on her man!
by The Beast April 25, 2005
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to brutally rape and power-slam a hot babe through her pussy until she bleeds and screams and is rubbed raw, with an enormous cock
Man, Weaver, I really love to monster jam sue
by The Beast April 25, 2005
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