A common term used for when dem nutz need to be drained.
"baby i need some dick dick dick"
by Dirty dick dave March 1, 2018
Putting the tip of your penis against the tip of another penis and masturbating them simultaneously.
Patrick and John went dick to dick at the party last night
by dmtbl August 19, 2008
One man inserting his penis into another man's peehole.

The holy grail of creepy internet porn.
dick in a dick...someday perhaps I will find it...
by abw123 February 23, 2009
a description for anything homosexual in the literal sense. It can be a gay couple or all boy action. nothing heterosexual is involved. it could also be gay porn or a way to describe something that is gay. Used for any gay action.
That porno was dick on dick.
by kidUrban June 7, 2010
A phrase to describe a person who likes to be an asshole
You are such a dicking dick! Donald Trump is such a dicking dick.
by Fartknocker5000 July 1, 2017
1. Slang for a penis.
2. A mean, aggravating, or otherwise just disliked person.
3. Short for "Richard." Rick is preferred nowadays as most people don't like being called an aggravating penis.
4. Something that gets stuck in the fan
1. I suck massive dick.
2. I'm a dick.
3. My name is Dick.
4. My dick got stuck in the fan.
by das_it_mane February 29, 2016