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1.) The unstoppable political machine that shattered the uninstalled glass ceiling on the Executive Branch of the White House, headed by Barack Obama
2.) Any similar unstoppable force, especially political
Guy 1: Obama's gonna appoint the same cabinet Clinton had. We gotta stop him! He promised change!
Guy 2: You can't stop him. He's the Obamanaut, bitch!
Guy 1: Economic Stimulus? Isn't that just handing our problems to our kids?
Guy 2: It rewards the middle class, it's gonna pass. It's an Obamanaut, bitch!
by testicles...that is all November 25, 2008
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1.) One who gets glossy-eyed and mindless at the mention of Barack Obama; easily excitable over the mention of "hope" and/or "change."
2.) One who looks good on the outside but has no inner substance.
3.) One who presents a provocative argument mostly devoid of logic or connection to reality.
4.) One of the master Obama's millions upon millions of minions. Often seen at his speeches mindlessly screaming and waving propaganda paraphernalia. Many are clueless about the economy, but they're middle-class so they vote for the money that his tax break will deliver. No long-term concern about their employer having less money so that income tax break don't give them shit because they don't have a job.
Neil: Dude, Obama totally bought the election after he said he would run on public funds.

Obamanaut: Yea, he's great isn't he? Wait, bought? He raised record campaign funds, he didn't pay for it himself! Besides, that middle class tax break that's going to pay out to 90% of the voting populus is really why he got elected, not because he bought it.

Neil: <sigh> I can only hope one day the void of your mind will be filled with the ability to connect dots and do basic arithmetic.

Obamanaut: Uh-wha-huh? Sorry I was thinking about bunnies snuggling all over Barack Obama.
by testicles...that is all November 25, 2008
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Ardent followers and sycophants of Barack Hussein Obama. They can be like Zombies (except with no desire whatsoever for brains).

Obamanauts, like astronauts, perform their work in the great void of space--except for them, it's the empty warehouse between their ears.

Obamanauts are driven by emotion in lieu of logic and, especially when in large crowds, are very susceptible to (speech) hypnosis and the mind-control principles outlined in the study of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.
My friend, John, is an Obamanaut who believes every word Barack says.

Carol is no Obamanaut. After an intelligent discussion with her, she agreed that President Obama has done exactly the opposite of many of his biggest campaign promises.

Most Obamanauts haven't a clue that the 'Federal' Reserve is actually an unconstitutional, private bank run for profit, which has been raping America since 1913.
by Lloyd Β‘Mongo! September 25, 2009
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