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Describing being in the state of parentnoia... basically you're worried you're about having a baby that you didn't plan for, that you don't really want, and/or that you don't believe that you can manage.
You know what they call guys who pull out? Parents.

Staci: I can't drink tonight. I'm a little parentnoid, and I don't want my baby I don't want to have fetal alcohol syndrome; it reduces its market value.

A wise man said, "The abstinent man is never parentnoid."
He failed to mention that the abstinent man is never fulfilled either, and his penis eventually packs its balls up and moves out.
Jeebus never had sex, and thus was never parentnoid.
by testicles...that is all October 03, 2007
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Used to describe an overly-protective, paranoid parent.
"My mom is so depressingly parentnoid; she won't let me walk more than a block after it starts to get somewhat dark."
by TheChosenOne613 December 26, 2006
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Paranoid about what actions your parents may take and/or words they may speak when they are present around your friends, acquaintances, or home slices.
Oh man, my mom was here earlier, i was so parentnoid she was going to say something awkward.

Mmmz, Mom-bitch, Iz parentnoid bout cho ass.
by Tay L Tellar September 17, 2007
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A parent that is paranoid about their child, AKA a parent that thinks the world is out to get their child
A combination of "parent" and "paranoid"
Commonly used when a child is complaining about how they cannot do something a peer can, or when speaking about how they can do something and a peer cannot. Commonly used among peers.
That girl's mother is parentnoid! She won't let her go to the bus stop on her own!
by 22warriorcat22 February 23, 2013
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Adjective. Describing someone (usually high school aged) who is always worring about what his/her parents think usually about activities of a high school relationship. (kissing, holding hands, general contact)
John: The other day i was at janes house
Josh: really how was it
John:we were in her room and she seriously stressin about how "Her parents are definetly gonna come in"
Josh: Sounds like she is parentnoid
John: Hell ya dude
by Sean McMahan December 13, 2007
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