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One who is attracted to fake things. Implants, prostheses, blow-up dolls... all of these are levels of pseudophilia.
"Just because I like my fleshlight more than the real thing doesn't make me a pseudophile!"

"Actually, that's EXACTLY what makes you a pseudophile..."
by testicles...that is all August 08, 2012
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Someone who pretends to be a type of phile, a sexual pervert, like a zoophile, a necrophile, a dildophile.
Apple Dave: Oh yeah, I like to sh** cheese!
Cloud: So do I!
Apple Dave: You're under arrest for wanting to do it with cheese!
Cloud: You pseudo-phile!
Apple Dave: Oh D*** Sprouts to you!
by Poorly Maintained Cannon August 17, 2005
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A middle aged person, usually a school teacher, who waits until his/her students graduate before hitting on them.
Yo, Mr. Smith is always going after chicks as soon as they graduate. That dude is such a pseudophile.
by brewman31 July 25, 2011
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