138 definition by taylor

Asswhores. All the RIAA ppl are ASSWHORES.
Those RIAA people are complete asswhores.
by Taylor December 24, 2003

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hot hot hot!
my hot grandma in spandex on a hot summer day ((oo yeah))
by taylor April 11, 2004

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a terribly inaccurate representation of the first years of marriage through the frivolous life of prissy popstars Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey.
what i'm eating... is this chicken or fish?
by taylor August 17, 2004

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mango ice cream=deeeeeelishus.
"Dude! mango ice cream kicks ass!"
"I told you"
by Taylor May 14, 2004

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not now, but right now
I need to go home for I get a beat down fast quick and in a hurry!!
by Taylor November 25, 2003

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A word used to describe a person or group of people who cannot be described in any other stereotypical group. They are not fully jocks, fully emos, fully preps, fully goths, ect. Vaiskulars like all types of music and dress the way they want to or they way they decide to that day. They are friends with everyone and do not judge by their looks or they way they dress. Their music includes rock, rap, emo, and anything that suites their fancy. They are not scene or posers, they just dress and listen to what they want to dress like and listen to. To sum it up, vaiskular are very diverse people who do not fit 100$ into any other stereotypical high school group. They are the type of people who are your best friends and very easy to talk to.
Andrew: What is your favorite type of music?

Taylor: I like all kinds

Andrew: Whoa you must be vaiskular!
by Taylor June 27, 2006

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Any one person who has had some kind of facial altering surgery that has limited the movements of the face such as lipo, botox, etc.
She can barely move her mouth to chew
becuase shes botox blocked.
by taylor March 11, 2005

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