139 definition by taylor

A very cute person; somebody who you think is sexy.
Hot Tamalie, look at bow wow
by Taylor November 24, 2003

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the loose vagina of a woman; a loose woman
That woman is a/ has a floppy taco
by Taylor November 13, 2003

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its a radical sheep that i used to watch when i was just a wee child. =P
lambchops is pimpin'.
by Taylor March 30, 2005

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hot hot hot!
my hot grandma in spandex on a hot summer day ((oo yeah))
by taylor April 11, 2004

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a terribly inaccurate representation of the first years of marriage through the frivolous life of prissy popstars Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey.
what i'm eating... is this chicken or fish?
by taylor August 17, 2004

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not now, but right now
I need to go home for I get a beat down fast quick and in a hurry!!
by Taylor November 25, 2003

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mango ice cream=deeeeeelishus.
"Dude! mango ice cream kicks ass!"
"I told you"
by Taylor May 14, 2004

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